Building A Healthy Economy

Hoosiers believe in individual hard work and opportunity. Over the past decade, Hoosiers have erased a $1 billion deficit and put our state back in the black. When government is held accountable and lives within its means, it unleashes the full potential of our workforce and economy. In Elkhart County, we have worked our way back from having the highest unemployment numbers in the country after the recession, to one of the lowest in the country today, without government assistance. By innovating and working together as a community, we have created new markets and greater opportunities for our families. As your State Representative, I will work to keep taxes low, support infrastructure projects, and make sure state government is efficient and effective in order to allow our workforce to build a brighter future for our families and businesses.

Healthcare that Works Indiana has been a leader in promoting positive solutions in healthcare, but nationwide, premiums have been climbing to the highest levels in decades under Obamacare. Employers are cutting hours, doctors are being forced out of their practices and thousands of Hoosier families have lost their insurance. Hoosiers are right to be frustrated with the government takeover of healthcare because it’s not what we were promised. We’ve made positive strides forward with the Healthy Indiana Plan and HIP 2.0 but there is still much to do. We need legislators who will stand up to federal mandates and work with Congress to implement step-by-step, common sense solutions to actually reduce costs and provide patient-centered solutions. Expanding free market solutions like Health Savings Accounts, transportable coverage, tax credits for businesses providing health care coverage and implementing more protections for doctors from frivolous law suits are some of the common sense steps we must take to provide access to quality care. Hoosiers deserve a healthcare system that works for them, not for federal government bureaucrats.

Efficient, Effective Government

Hardworking Hoosiers can’t afford to pay for inefficient government programs while they struggle to pay their own bills. We must keep dollars and decisions as close to home as possible in order to ensure the continued economic freedom of our state. Our state legislators must work to preserve as much local control as possible while finding ways to provide the essential government services upon which our citizens rely. By enacting thoughtful reforms, like creating public/private partnerships with local organizations with firsthand knowledge of their communities, we can continue to provide important programs and ensure that Hoosiers have the tools they need to succeed.

Improving Education

Indiana has made great strides in giving parents and students more choices in their education experience. Every student should have access to quality education, regardless of their economic circumstances or zip code. Every teacher should be empowered in the classroom and should be given the freedom to teach without being overwhelmed with paper work and redundant regulations. Having more school choice and encouraging parental involvement are proven ways to make sure students succeed. We have a great model in Elkhart County, where many of our school leaders collaborate with local businesses in providing customized educational choices for students. We have a track record of success that should be given a voice at the State House. In the past 25 years, College costs have increased by 439%, but access to information has never been more available. We must continue to provide customized choices for parents and students and find ways to make college more affordable by rethinking how we use technology. When students have more choices and affordable education, customized by 21st century technology, we empower them to compete in a global market.

Strengthening Families

Our nations strength is grounded in the values Hoosiers live out each day, but our rights to personal conviction and faith are under assault. As a wife, mother and legislator, I will boldly bring our Hoosier values to Indianapolis. I will continue to fight for religious freedom and for the conscience protections that are enshrined in the First Amendment for our families, churches, hospitals, employers and doctors.

Defending the Unborn

As a sitting member of the Indiana Right to Life State Board, I am unapologetically pro-life. I believe that any woman facing an unplanned pregnancy is facing a crisis and needs support, not judgement or condemnation. I believe that life begins at conception and that it is worth defending. The pro-life message is rooted in compassion and truth and after learning that my own mother-in-law faced an unplanned pregnancy with my husband, I’ve worked to expose Planned Parenthood’s cheap lies and deceptions to women. I’ve served as the Federal Communications Director to Congress for Live Action and Lila Rose, delivering reports and statistics on the truth behind the abortion industry to members of the US Congress. We must encourage a culture that respects and protects life from conception until natural death, and I will continue to be a voice for the voiceless until every life is protected and valued again in our nation.

The Right to Bear Arms

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution has been under attack for decades. I have been an outspoken advocate for our Second Amendment rights, authoring articles like “Mom’s Unite Against Gun-free Zones” in the Washington Times and supporting my husband’s effort as an author of the Lifetime Handgun Permit bill which passed Indiana General Assembly and is now state law. As your State Representative, I will actively support educational outreach and activism to promote our right to bear arms and will support legislation that protects and promotes our Constitutional right to defend and protect ourselves, our families and our property.

Providing for the Common Defense

The federal government’s first responsibility is to “provide for the common defense.” The simple, but powerful axiom, “Peace through strength,” has kept America the leader of the free world and I am proud of our Hoosier National Guard and the job they have done in fighting to defend our freedoms around the world. I will continue to support a robust military and make sure our soldiers have the tools they need to do their jobs and come home safe. The dedication and professionalism of our troops which I have witnessed firsthand over the years is second to none. Our service members deserve the lasting thanks of a grateful nation. Unfortunately, I've seen how Washington's decisions impact our National Guard here at home. That’s why I will work alongside our governor and generals to defend and enhance the strategic assets our Indiana Guard provides.

Where does Christy Stand?