About Christy

As your voice in Indianapolis, I will make sure that our track record of success here in Elkhart County is on record at the State House.  As a mother, teacher, business owner and activist, I am dedicated to making sure that we pass our time-tested Hoosier values of personal responsibility, hard work, family, faith and community on to the next generation. I believe in smaller government, less regulation, more choice, the sanctity of life and more local control. To see where I stand on the issues, click here


About District 49

The small towns of District 49 like Millersburg, Goshen and Middlebury have a wholesome sense of tradition and community which have enabled us to overcome difficult times. 

OUR PEOPLE are independent and strong and we have worked our way back from having the highest unemployment in the nation to one of the largest job markets in the nation! 

OUR FAITH is grounded in the bedrock principles that make America a light to the world.  We are blessed with a community that is supported by families and businesses working together, to support our schools, churches, and charities around the world. 



Christian - Conservative - Pro-Life - Small Business Owner - Pro-Second Amendment - Small Government - Less Regulation - Religious Liberty - Pro-First Amendment Protections 


Hoosier Solutions

Hoosiers are problem solvers!  We find creative ways to fix things that are broken and we can do the same with our state government. If you've ever experienced unreasonable regulations or government "red tape" and you have an idea about how to fix it,.. I want to hear from you! Send me your Hoosier Solution here!

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PO BOX 506

Middlebury, IN 46540

P: 574-536-3542